Why You Should Incorporate Rocks Into Your Landscape Design

Sitting down with your landscape designer and choosing what you would like to incorporate into your landscape design is a lot of fun. There are so many amazing possibilities and your designer will be there to help make your vision become a reality. When it comes to deciding what you should incorporate into your landscape design, rock is a great element to add. Here’s why you should include rocks in your landscape design.

Why You Should Incorporate Rocks Into Your Landscape Design

Easy To Maintain 

Rocks are one of the easiest elements of a landscape design to maintain because they aren’t alive. They don’t need water or soil and they don’t break down very easily. All you really need to do to maintain them is rake them every now and then to keep them evenly dispersed and level and add more rocks every couple of years or so.

Break Up The Landscape 

Rocks do an excellent job of breaking up different kinds of landscaping. For example, If you want trees in one area and grass in another, then creating a rock bed to go around the trees adds contrast to the design and help things to flow nicely. Rocks are also great for creating paths and other sectioned off areas for walking because they won’t be harmed by the foot traffic like other plants will.

There Are So Many Options 

When it comes to diversity, it is hard to beat rocks. Rocks come in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes, thus allowing you to get exactly what you are envisioning. You can have smaller rocks for your beds and walkways and you can use larger rocks as accent pieces throughout your landscape design. You could even go with colored or polished rocks if you really want to make a statement.

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