7 Landscaping Design Hacks For Small Yards

Landscaping design is a great way to show off your creativity, add an artistic flair to your home, and provide a space where you and your friends can gather. But what do you do if your yard is smaller than average?

7 Landscaping Design Hacks For Small Yards

1. A Deck With a View

Simple structures like decks and pergolas can help give small spaces a grand feel. You can also direct line-of-sight with small trees and bushes.

2. Break it up

It might seem contradictory but breaking a small space up into different connected ‘zones’ can make it feel larger than it actually is.

3. A New Perspective

Long, straight lines lead the eye and help make a small space look larger than it is. To take full advantage of this effect, give the lines a very subtle slant toward one another near the back of the lot to create a focal point.

4. Use All Your Space

It’s easy to overlook things when landscaping, especially areas tucked away in corners and not visible from the street. Turning the places into unexpected focal points by adding a small centerpiece tree and surrounding it with other plants of interest.

5. Function and Form

Creating a functional backyard space, such as a fire pit with chairs and a smaller, separate seating area, gives the yard a sense of purpose that can really make up for what it lacks in square footage.

6. Keep Looking up

Build vertically. Tall trees don’t take up much ground space,┬álead the eye up, and help keep the space feeling airy.

7. Make it Cozy

Celebrate your small space by making it into a cozy place to escape for a while. Soft lighting and comfortable furniture can go a long way toward turning your small yard into a place to curl up with a good book. Mid-height fencing and some flowering plants will make the space feel closed in and inviting.

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