3 Landscape Lighting Ideas for any Yard

Good lighting can completely change the look of a place, and that holds true for outdoor spaces as well. But with so many lighting options, how do you know which one will work best for your space? Here are three landscape lighting ideas that may be just perfect for your yard.

3 Landscape Lighting Ideas for any Yard

1. Solar Pathways and Focal Points

Lining landscaped paths with solar lights makes the lighting itself a focal point of the design while also calling attention to other design elements you may want highlighted, such as the walkway. A similar effect can be achieved with hanging lanterns or any other kind of exposed lighting source. This simple and straightforward method of lighting often feels classic to rustic depending on the overall aesthetic.

2. Tree Lights and Fairy Lights

Safely placing lighting in trees, along trellises, or across the tops of fences helps create a cozy, dreamy atmosphere. While lighting will be much more diffuse with this method, it’s a great option for small backyards and those who enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with being outside in the evenings or at night.

3. Hidden Lighting and Modern Design

Hiding the light source in other design elements such as plants or behind/inside of structures helps keeps a design looking cleaner without sacrificing visibility once the sun goes down. Hidden light sources tend to work best with modern designs which don’t leave much space for more traditional lighting setups.

Of course, these are far from the only options when it comes to landscape lighting. If you’re looking for more lighting options, or for any other help on a landscaping project, contact us at All Starr Tree & Landscape, Inc. today! We’re a locally owned and operated full-service landscape company proudly serving McKinney, Allen, Plano, and the surrounding areas of Collin County.