Utilize Landscaping Lights

Landscaping lights can turn a dark, dreary nighttime yard into a beautiful oasis. Many homeowners enjoy the silence and tranquility brought by nightfall, but feel intimidated by a completely hidden yard. One way homeowners can make their yard appear more comfortable (and safe) during night is by utilizing landscaping lights. Here, we discuss three great ways homeowners can do this.

3 Ways to Utilize Landscaping Lights in Your Yard

1. Home Exterior Uplighting

You can use “uplighting” or lights that point upwards, to illuminate the exterior of your home. This doesn’t only make your yard more appealing at night, but can help protect your home from burglars by making entrance more difficult.

2. Pathway Solar Lights

Small solar lights can be used along your yard’s pathways. These lights receive their power from the sun, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice for conscious homeowners. The amount of light received depends on the size of the lights used, as well as how far apart they are placed. Pathway lights will also make it safer to walk at night, without fear of falling and hurting yourself.

3. Fairy Lights in Trees

Fairy lights are small lights in a variety of colors which homeowners most often place in their trees or bushes. These lights received their name because they appear as though small fairies have lighted into your vegetation. They typically come in string form, like holiday lights, but not always. Fairy lights can be all one color or be used in an array of colors together.


Any one of the above methods can help to create a more comfortable and safe yard for homeowners to enjoy at night. Using more than one landscaping lights method in your design will create the most additional light. For more information on how to use landscaping lights, or to hire a professional landscaping company to assist with your yard’s design, contact us today.