Patio Design Ideas For Cooler Weather

You designed a patio you love and now the weather is getting cooler. While you may be okay with curling up on a comfy chair with a cozy blanket a mug of warm cider, your guests may not all feel the same way. Use these patio design ideas to utilize your patio even as the temperature drops.

Patio Design Ideas For Cooler Weather

Clear Away the Fall

Nothing says winter like bare trees and a lawn full of leaves. A professional landscaping service can ensure that the debris is cleared and many of the signs of winter coming on are out of sight. Sure, you can’t add leaves to the trees but you can have dead branches trimmed and the rest of your yard cleaned up. This gives you a nice clean landscape for your cool weather patio design ideas.

Bring the Fire

You have to close a pool. You can only really use a barbecue grill through the fall, but a fire pit can be used throughout the entire year. After you’ve had all the debris, dead things, and basically kindling removed from your yard, a fire pit can be used more safely. S’mores, roasted apple slices, even a hanging cast iron pot to boil spiced cider or hot chocolate. Your landscaping company can help you design a fire pit that’s built into your existing design or you can purchase a commercial fire pit.

Cold Weather Considerations

Unlike warmer weather, you have to consider more than just rain when you plan out your patio design ideas. In the warm months, you can leave pillows and blankets outside overnight and they’ll probably be okay. In the colder weather, there’s frost to consider and the cold temperature in general. No one wants to walk outside in the morning to crawl under a frozen blanket with their coffee. Anything made of fabric can also be damaged by frost as can other materials. Consider this when planning your patio design ideas so you don’t have any surprises and you can still enjoy your patio all year round! Contact us today to find out how we can help.