Mulching – The Ultimate Prep for Tree Health and Summer Heat

Mulching is typically done annually as part of regular gardening and yard maintenance. A spring activity, it’s done before the heat of the summer starts to set in. Many homeowners mulch themselves, but might not look deeper into the process. Mulching isn’t exclusively decorative, but crucial to tree health. When done professionally, it will benefit trees graciously.

Mulching - The Ultimate Prep for Tree Health and Summer Heat

Soil Moisture: Like us, trees can become easily dehydrated in the summer heat and wilted. Mulch around the tree’s trunk helps retain soils moisture where it matters most. The water retained around the trunk also helps keeps the root system closer to the tree. Rather than the roots spreading in search of water elsewhere. Keeping roots close and growing downwards rather than far spread and shallow will strengthen the tree years to come.

Suppresses Weed Growth: Mulch also prevents weeds from growing close to the tree, which helps in water retention as well. Weeds create competition for the soil nutrients and water supply.

Temperature Control: With mulch, the soil around trees is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The regulated temperature around the trunk also promotes healthier root development and growth.

Nutrients: Many mulches have slow-release nutrients in them that seep into the soil over time.   The benefits of mulching are abundant. While many homeowners have a go at mulching themselves, there is plenty of reasons why it’s a job for the professionals:

  • Not all mulch is equal and different mulch will be better for different trees. Not only the type of tree needs to be considered, but the soil in which that tree is planted. Soil can be tested to see what nutrients it currently has, and where it might be lacking.
  • Professionals carry a higher quality mulch than what is typically picked up at the local gardening section.
  • Professionals will have the right equipment. The process of digging, lining, landscaping, edging, etc.., can be tedious without the proper tools. Improper mulching can cause damage to the tree and surrounding yards’ health.

Prepping for this summer’s heat with mulching is essential for trees. Contact us today to make the job painless for you, and great for your trees.