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Tree Services in Princeton, TX

All Starr Tree & Landscape is a locally owned, full-service landscaping company serving Princeton, TX and surrounding cities within Collin County. Our goal is to generate long-term relationships with our customers building trust through honesty and experienced tree trimming service. A well-designed landscape can be a refuge for the homeowner, creating the ideal environment in which to relax and reflect. Professional tree services are an integral component to beautiful, sustained landscaping and All Starr has the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done right.

Princeton Tree Trimming & Tree RemovalPrinceton Tree Trimming

Trees grow. That’s the goal. But regular trimming will keep your trees growing beautifully and balanced for years to come.

Tree trimming encourages proper growth. Some species of trees will require more trimming than others, but regardless of the intervals between the trimming, it is important that balance be maintained during trimming. Improperly removed larger limbs, for example, could result in an unsteady tree. Pruning that does not anticipate future growth could also lead to an unsafe tree down the road. At All Starr Tree & Landscape, we trim for beauty and future tree integrity.

Not only are trimmed trees aesthetically pleasing, they are a necessary part of proper home maintenance.

  • Tree limbs rubbing against roof lines and along house trim will cause damage. The regular movement caused by wind can scratch paint, significantly erode wood and damage roof shingles. Do you have tree parts touching your home? Call us today for a tree trimming estimate!
  • Limbs around the driveway present opportunities for property damage. Delivery trucks and other large automobiles may make contact with low-hanging limbs. Parked cars could be subject to damage from falling limbs during a windstorm. Call All Starr for professional trimming that will retain the structure and beauty of the trees lining your driveway, but eliminate opportunities for costly automobile damage.
  • When trimmed properly by professionals, tree growth can be encouraged such that future maintenance problems can be avoided, and canopy expansion that is functional and attractive can be fostered.

We Can Achieve Your Look. Not everyone sees trees in the same way. Tell us how you want your trees to look, and let our experienced crew do the rest. We can prune to your overall landscape design. We can raise your tree canopy to transform the view. Unsure of what will look best? Our experts see possibility and provide guidance. At All Starr, we take the time to fully understand what our customers want and then we make it happen.

Tree Removal in Princeton, TX

Sometimes the removal of trees makes the most sense. All Starr has the experience needed to take down trees, large and small, safely and efficiently.

Dead and diseased trees are not only an eyesore, they are also usually a serious hazard. Wind so common in our Texas storms can bring down trees with weakened root systems. Falling trees can damage property and injure people and pets. Falling limbs from diseased trees pose similar hazards. What’s more, tree disease spreads; when it is beyond treatment, the specimen should be removed.

At All Starr, we can remove healthy trees as part of an overall landscape overhaul as well. Some trees are more valuable than others, but sometimes, no matter what the species, tree removal makes sense. A beautiful flowerbed, for example, or a sweeping lawn may create the better landscape. We also work with builders to remove trees ahead of construction.

Too many trees too close together can inhibit the growth of all of the trees. All Starr can work with the homeowner to determine which trees should be removed in order to create the most beautiful, successful cluster of trees for years to come. We’ll consider factors such as desired shading, topography, soil conditions and the overall environment. Once decisions are made, we’ll remove the identified trees keeping the health of the remaining trees in mind throughout the process.

At All Starr we can remove what is standing in the way of your perfect yard. Our professionals are available for consultation and can make recommendations. Check out our gallery of recent projects!

Princeton Stump Grinding

Oftentimes, leaving a stump in place is not the ideal end to a tree removal scenario. All Starr Tree & Landscape provides quality stump grinding services, and our work involves the removal of the resulting debris.

Beyond the obvious aesthetic issues and the potential tripping hazards they pose, decaying tree stumps invite pests. For example, ants, termites and beetles are all drawn to rotting stumps. Fungi are also likely to grow in a decaying stump. In most cases, it is best to remove the tree stump.

We offer no-obligation quotes. You can count on us for up-front, competitive pricing each and every time. Don’t live with a stump you don’t want. Call us today.

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Whether it’s for safety, maintenance or a landscape upgrade, All Starr Tree & Landscape will work with you to develop a plan for your trees. Let our professionals assist you in creating your perfect outdoors. Contact us today for all of your tree removal and pruning needs.